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Not Receiving Emails from Contact Form 7?

There's an easy solution (and it's not an SMTP plugin)

While we continue our search for the most efficient wordpress contact form (balanced with an affordable cost), we’re still often using the tried and true Contact Form 7 system.

Recently, we’ve had a slew of clients report issues with the contact form 7 plugin failing to send emails the their email address. Other emails work fine, such as email addresses, but @domain email address never receive the emails.

Our first solution was a combination of SMTP plugin work arounds and email redirections. Neither of these are ideal, and can be quite the workaround to setup.

Here’s what’s really going on, and a simple solution to get past this bothersome issue.

What are the Symptoms

Contact form 7, or any other contact form plugin sends emails just fine to all emails except the @domain email addresses.

What is the Real Issue

The real issue is that the MX records for the domain is configured to the host mail outside the server web server, however that domain’s mail routing in cPanel is set to “local” which means when mail is sent from the server (such as through that site’s form) it thinks that mail should be routed to the same server instead of seeing the real MX records on the internet.

What is the Simple Solution?

Contact your host support and have them switch that setting in cPanel to “remote” which will stop that from happening going forward.

Hope this helps! Drop a comment below if it worked for you. Love to hear if it did or did not work for you.